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Custom Cherry Silverware Box
Custom Cherry Silverware Box

A woodworking project might be defined as:

  • anything created out of wood or in combination with another material
  • might be totally handmade
  • something which fulfills a common everyday need
  • something to make you or someone you know lives easier
  • or just a unique piece of art that no one else has
  • There are no limits to what you can dream up

For me it is much more satisfying to use something made out of wood, whether I made it or someone else did. Wood has a way of sharing a warm comfortable feeling, both to the creator and to the owner of it.

This webpage is to present a portfolio of different projects that I have been part of creating. You will be able to go to other pages which will provide a sampling of different projects I have done with photos and description of them.

It is meant to be a tool to help you in deciding what you would want or to give you ideas of different ways to go. These samplings are meant only as examples. We are open to work on any project you can dream up.

Wood type selection choices

You can specify the type of wood;

We will need to know if you prefer the finish:

  • natural
  • the color of the wood enhanced by a stain

We will also need to know what you want the finish to be;

  • hand rubbed oil
  • satin polyurethane
  • semi-gloss polyurethane
  • gloss polyurethane

The choices are in your hands and on ours.

I can create that custom one-of-a-kind for that special someone or provide you a choice from my stock. If you would like several of an item, let me know. I would love to work with you.

Project Information

  1. Cribbage boards Cribbage is a great game for all ages. It keeps the mind active and processing information. It is great for improving or maintaining your math skills.They can come in all different sizes and shapes. One board I did the customer wanted it in the shape of a boomarang. Now that was a fun one to plan and actually get to work. Pictures and article is posted on cribbage board page.
  2. Picture Frames A Picture Frame can make or break the picture. Along that same line it is very critical to also chose a matting which draws a color from the picture and compliments the frame.
  3. Foot Stools Foot stools can be used for many end results. obiously stool for feet come to mind. extra seats for conversation around the coffee table or in front of the fireplace or woodstove.
  4. Twin bed Sometimes there may not be room for a bed and dresser and an area for younger children to play in their bedroom. If this is the case I have the answer for you.

  5. Photo Albums If you have this unique type of photo album you can show off your pictures in style.
  6. Outdoor ProjectsWant something to make that deck or yard of yours more you?
  7. Cedar Picnic Table Can't find that particular table you want, check out this one
  8. Pizza Peels Custom made pizza peels for yourself or for the chef in your life