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Wooden boxes or crates have been around for a long time. Sometime their uses are practical, sometimes they are not. Whatever your uses I can fulfill your desires.

You might want to use them to store something in or perhaps you want to stack them to display something, perhaps you just want a simple unusual book shelf.

Custom Wooden Box Custom Finger-jointed Walnut Box

The following are tools I am using to create my latest projects. It is a custom Walnut box with fingerpoint joints. They have been great and I highly recommend them. They can be purchased using the link provided in each item.

Freud 8'' Dado SetFreud 8'' Dado Set
This stacked dado set features kickback-reducing shoulder design and cuts all sizes from 1/4" to 7/8". Perfect for shelving, joints, tongue and groove, and rabbets...

Freud 8'' Dado Set

Woodsmith Fingerjoint JigWoodsmith Fingerjoint Jig
The easy accurate way to get perfect-fitting box joints. Attaches to any miter gauge, works on any table saw or router table...

Woodsmith Fingerjoint Jig

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