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This specific project came up in conversation with a friend about the inability to find specific wooden boxes in a variety of sizes anywhere. They had been searching garage sales, farmers markets, and anywhere else they could think of for boxes of these types. Nothing seemed to be available no matter where they looked, or if they were available they were in bad need of repairs.

They remembered their grandparents having them around when they were growing up and wanted to create memories and continue traditions with their children and grand children.

So as most interesting projects begin so did this one, with a question. "I would love one of these boxes! Can you build one for me?"

So off to the shop I went and begin sketching and measuring and cutting to see what I could come up with. I knew the requirements they were looking to fulfill and thankful of their confidence that I could meet their needs.

Box qualities I wanted to incoporate into these boxes:

  • Build with a light weight material to be easy to move around
  • Strong construction so they would hold up to constant use
  • Visually attractive to be able to use as some sort of a display in your living room
  • Yet simple enough to construct

These ideas seemed like a lot to create to, but as I let my fingers and mind do their doodling this box just seemed to appear. Along with it of course came lots of other ideas and of course other requests. "Perhaps you could make a small wooden box to place rings or jewelery in while you do the dishes, or how about one for my dresser when I take my rings off at night?"

Stay tuned for more custom creations from Splinters. Keep those ideas, requests and questions coming in and I will continue to strive to create.

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