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Here is a photo of the ShopBot CNC (computer numerical control) Router system that enables me to create projects in any shape or pattern you can imagine. We can use any high quality photograph (jpg format) to create any shape you might desire. Once the photo is converted to the correct format for the system, the parts of the photo or all of the photo can be used to make cutouts.

The system uses a high speed router connected to the computer. The computer tells the router precisely where to go, how deep to cut and any details we might want to add. Should you want lettering added, that is done using a separate path.

Recently we have began using this system to actually drill the tracks holes. The cribbage tracks are laid out in CoralDraw, then saved in proper format and the system does all else. This enables me to basicly create any style track that I need to and keep all the holes straight and evenly spaced, creating a very professional looking product.

Here is a photo of the Epilog Laser machine used to personalize your project with your photos or lettering. You provide a high quality personal photo or logo and we can engrave it into the wood. The only limitation we have found is with some types of wood images with a lot of detail does not show up as clear. Lettering seems to be crisp and clear on all woods tried so far.

The laser process actually burns the images into the wood giving a very cleam sharp image. This system also runs using a computer to process and send the images to the laser to create the engraving. Various adjustments allow us to control the depth and speed of the burn.

Here are some examples:

 This shape of Montana was cut out using the CNC router and the photo of the grizzly was engraved using the Epilog Laser.  The outline of Glacier National Park was lasered in.  This Dachschund was created from an image of a stained glass picture and cut out using the CNC router
 Here we used the CNC to cut out the shape of Idaho and drill the track pattern. We can do any state shape that you might want.  Here is a beer bottle shape we did for Deschutes Brewery. The shape was cut using the CNC and the logo was burned in using the laser.  With this custom cribbage board plaque the track was created in CoralDraw and then the CNC router drilled it into the wood. Then the logo and all the lettering was done using the laser system.
 The shape of Montana was cut with CNC and the photo of the West Entrance sign was lasered.  The track of this box style cribbage board was cut using the CNC.  This is the inside of the box style cribbage board. The CNC was used to create the pockets which hold the cards and the custom metal cribbage pegs which come with each board.
 The Lake Trout and the tracks here were cut out using the CNC Router.  The lettering and drawing here were burned into the wood using the laser.  The image here, a clients personal photo taken while hiking with his sons in Glacier National Park. A super nice gift and memorys of a hike together. It was burned using the laser.

Let me create that special Cribbage Board or any item for you today using this technology...

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