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Custom Products

Custom Cribbage Boards Custom Pizza Peels

Custom Cribbage boards Cribbage is a great game for all ages. It keeps the mind active and processing information. It is used in grade schools to improve math scores.

Custom Pizza Peels Custom Pizza Peels can be one of the primary kitchen tools for any good cook/chef if you create your own homemade pizzas.

Other Custom Woodworking Products

Custom Cutting Boards: Custom made cutting boards of any shape or size. Hard maple is the wood of choice, however I can create one out of most any wood you want. Custom Cutting Boards

Custom Foot Stools: Foot stools can be used for many purposes. Obviously stools for feet come to mind, But also as extra seats around the coffee table or in front of the fireplace or woodstove. Custom Foot stools

Custom Rocking Chairs: My inspiration for building these custom rocking chairs came from Scott Morrison.

One of these in your home will be the favorite seat in the house.

Custom Rocking Chairs

How to Customize Your Own Product

Did you know that you can customize your own project?

  • You can set the size for your project,
  • You can choose the type of wood,
  • You can choose the finish,
  • We also do custom shapes and custom lasering for lettering, photos, or logos,

Interested in creating your own custom project?

Please visit our How to Order Custom Projects page.

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