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Cribbage: the king of all counting games--a card game so cool it not only has its own lingo, it even has its own special pegboard for keeping score. You could tally up the points just as easily on a piece of paper, but it wouldn't be the same. Cribbage is nothing without the custom board. The best cribbage boards are works of art and express individual personal expressions.

Let me create a unique cribbage board for you today.

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Custom Cribbage Boards custom cribbage boards
Custom Montana Cribbage Board Custom Cherry Cribbage Board
Custom Cribbage Boards Custom Cribbage Boards
Custom Beer bottle Cribbage boards Custom Beer Bottle Custom Slot on back
Custom Cribbage Boards Custom Cribbage Boards
Custom Douglas Fir Custom Maple Cribbage Board Custom Maple w/Walnut strip Cribbage Board
Custom Cribbage Board Cribbage Board
Custom Large BlueBoard Custom Fish shape Cribbage Board Custom Oak Three Person Cribbage Board

 Cribbage Board  Cribbage Board
Hickory 4-track Walnut Maple

  Cribbage Board
Hickory - GO CUBS Maple w/walnut strip Maple w/walnut strip box style

Blue Board Cribbage Board Walnut Cribbage Board Oak Cribbage Board

Maple Cribbage Board Cedar Boomarangs Cribbage Boards Maple Cribbage Board

Walnut Cribbage Board Walnut Cribbage Boards Maple Cribbage Board

 More Cribbage Boards

These custom cribbage boards are ones I have created either as gifts or for a customer. Choosing a different shape or type of wood, creates style and each unique color and grain wood pattern makes each board unique.

The custom large cribbage board is a very popular custom board because of its 2 1/2 inch long by 1/4 inch around large pegs and large 8" wide by 36" long. It is very useful for those folks who love cribbage, but have trouble using small pegs. If needed it can also come with a large set of playing cards to make them easier to see.

Most of the boards have a slot routed in the bottom for peg storage. My box style boards are created of two boards with hinges and a holder routed in the bottom board for pegs and cards, others have been just a simple single board with a carrying sack. They can be made in just about any size or shape you need, as well as for either 2, 3, or 4 players.

My custom cribbage boards are not mass produced; therefore each one is unique. We put non-scratching pads on the bottom to protect table surfaces.

Each board comes with a deck of cards, a set of pegs, a cloth storage bag and a set of instructions for playing cribbage.

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