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According to Wikipedia:The term "table" is derived from a merger of French table and Old English tabele, ultimately from the Latin word tabula, "a board, plank, flat piece". In Late Latin, tabula took over the meaning previously reserved to mensa (preserved in Spanish mesa "table"). In Old English, the word replaced bord for this meaning

A table is a form of furniture composed of a horizontal surface supported by a base, usually four legs. It is often used to hold objects or food at a convenient or comfortable height when sitting. Generic tables are typically meant for combined use with chairs. Unlike many earlier table designs, today's tables usually do not have drawers. A table specifically intended for working is a desk. Some tables have hinged extensions of the table top called drop leaves, while others can be extended with removable sections called leaves.

Many tables have tops that can be adjusted to change their position or size, either with foldable extensions or sliding parts that can alter the shape of the top. Some tables are entirely foldable for easy transport, e.g., camping. Small tables in trains and aircraft may be fixed or foldable, although many are simply convenient shelves rather than tables.

Cedar Picnic Table Custom Thomas the Train table

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