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Custom Rocking Chairs

Custom Rocking Chairs
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My incentive to learning to build a rocker came in the way of a request from my youngest daughter. Her way of telling me she was having a baby was to ask me to build her a rocking chair. Clever lady...how could I refuse..:=) Read more here.....

Custom Foot Stool: Along with each rocker you can also have a matching custom foot stool which can be used for any number of things and not only as a place to rest those weary feet while rocking that little one.

There is no limit to what can be done when creating one of these. I can use the same wood as in the rocker or any other combination of wood you want or need. Typically they are small to inhance the rocking experience,

See my completed project blog here......

My inspiration for creating custom rocking chairs comes from Scott Morrison .. Montana Fine Woodworker. I was introduced to Scott's work and his webpage by another fellow Montana woodworking friend Todd Clippinger. Todd's first comment was "you need to check this guys work out." Once I saw Scott's work I knew I had to meet him and build one of his chairs. It is a privilege to have these two craftsman as my friends.

It just so happened that he had just created a dvd/templates set on the how to's in creating this rocker. As they say the rest is history, I was able to meet up with Scott at his shop and spend some time chatting with him. What an experience, he was the type of person that you dream about having as a friend.

How to Customize Your Own Product

Did you know that you can customize your own project?

  • You can set the size for your project,
  • You can choose the type of wood,
  • You can choose the finish,
  • We also do custom shapes and custom lasering for lettering, photos, or logos,

Interested in creating your own custom project?

Please visit our How to Order Custom Projects page.

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