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Custom Oregon Shape Cribbage Board With Elk Lasering

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This board was the request of a client in Oregon wanting a cribbage board for her husband. She had only two requests, she wanted an Elk and she wanted the shape to be in the shape of Oregon.

The Elk photo she found and liked online was a drawing done by Dennis McGraw.

I told her, as I always tell these type of requests, that if it is a copywrited image then we must get permission to use it. She agreed completely.

I contacted the number on his website and left a message explaining the situation. Typically, I do not hear back from these type of inquiries. Imagine my surprise when I got a return call from Dennis graciously agreeing to let us use his image for this project.

Thank you Dennis for giving permission to use your image.

The board was made out of a piece of 4/4 Hard Maple. Once the shape was cut was done, the holes for a four person board were drilled. After that the elk was lasered using an Epilog Laser printer..

As you can see the board turned out very nice and the client was very happy with the end product.

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This is a photo of the original drawing. The detail is quite impressive.

If you have an idea you are thinking about contact me. We can do many different shapes or designs.

How to Customize Your Own Product

Did you know that you can customize your own project?

  • You can set the size for your project,
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  • You can choose the finish,
  • We also do custom shapes and custom lasering for lettering, photos, or logos,

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