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Custom Birch Pizza Peel
Custom Pizza peel
Custom Pizza Peel
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This custom pizza peel is a set of six made for a new pizzeria in Illinois.

The peels are made out of 1/2 inch birch and will hold up well as long as proper cleaning and oiling care is used in maintaining them.

The paddle is 18 inches wide by 18 inches tal, with a handle of 7 inches. This makes the overall length being 25 inches.

The front edge has a graduated bevel created in the center of the to be able to work with the pizza.

After sanding smooth and preparing the wood We used a food grade mineral oil for the finish protective coat and recommended the following care:

We highly recommend oiling your pizza peel frequently. Over time oiling will preserve and protect woodenware from splitting and cracking. Wash peel with a mild detergent, not allowing the peel to soak in the water. Dry the peel, and apply an even amount of a food safe mineral oil with a soft cloth. Remove any excess oil.

You should not use any kind of vegetable or olive oil as the protective oil as they tend to turn rancid. Your peel is not dishwasher compatible.

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