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Custom Oak Cutting Board with Walnut ends

Custom Cribbage Board
Custom Oak Cutting Board with Walnut ends
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This cutting board was created out of Red Oak The ends are laminated with strips of Walnut, with finger slot on the under side.

In creating this cutting board I chose nice clear pieces of 3/4 inch Oak and Walnut. This one is a simple straight forward board design, however you could create any size and shape you wanted. Perhaps you want a hole cut in one end so you could place a strainer in it to catch the cuttings to make for a easier cleanup.

The Oak is one solid piece of wood, 8 7/8 inches wide and 18 inches long. The Walnut strips are 1 inch wide by 8 7/8 inches long.

This adds to the appearance as well as keeps the Oak flat from. These ends strips can be larger or of a different material. The board edge can be routed to different styles. Let your imagination be your guide.

Oak and Walnut are hard woods and will stand up well as a cutting board as well as look great.

Care of your cutting board

  • Keeping your cutting boards clean is important, bacteria can reside on the surface, or in liquids left on the board. For this reason, it is advised to cut raw meat on separate cutting boards from cooked meat, vegetables or other foods.
  • Clean your cutting boards with normal dish soap and a scrubber. Never leave your board to soak. Rinse well and dry by hand.
  • You should never wash your boards in the dishwasher.
  • A light food grade Mineral oil is a good preservative for wooden cutting boards as it helps keep water from seeping into the grain. I like to apply after several uses, but you can do it less as long as you don't let the board dry out.

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