Whatsapp Data Processing Agreement

by admin on April 15, 2021

We have a core data protection team, made up of members of the Legal, Data, Security and Architecture team, to ensure that Twilio complies with the RGPD. Frankly, it seems difficult to believe that WhatsApp complies with the RGPD in cases where it processes a person`s personal data without its explicit consent, through a consent mechanism applied to another user in its network, and by accessing that other user`s phone without the person concerned knowing that it is occurring. I would not believe that the processing of my boss`s personal data is necessary to protect their vital interests or the vital interests of another natural person (like me). Article 7 contains the “conditions of consent,” that is, whatsApp must prove to prove that they have my client`s consent for the processing of all his personal data. With Android devices, this has been possible for some time with Android Enterprise (formerly Android for Work). The device has a work profile in which business data is kept separately. Private apps cannot access this work profile, so private use of WhatsApp is not a problem for businesses. Article 6, paragraph 1, point (f), treatment is necessary for the legitimate interests of the person in charge of the treatment or of a third party, unless those interests are nullified by the fundamental interests or rights and freedoms of the person concerned which require the protection of personal data, particularly where the person concerned is a child. The processing of my boss`s data is not necessary for the organization of a contact in which she participates or who is about to become a party. I may have a contract with WhatsApp as part of its terms of use, but in the case of my boss`s personal data, I am not the person concerned, it is.

The EU`s General Data Protection Regulation requires organisations that serve EU citizens to protect their users` personal data and respect their data protection rights. While most major digital service providers are RGPD compliant, some are strictly more committed to user data protection than others. The RGPD is an opportunity to create a larger database of data protection for the benefit of all. Twilio is committed to our RGPD platform being compliant. Confidentiality is one of the key factors required by a company, company or organization. They must ensure that the data provided is kept safely and confidentially. They can only be handled by authorized staff and third parties cannot access them. Suppose we don`t have data transfer to WhatsApp using messengerPeople services. Then, as a company, I have to make sure that my own data processing (processing the data I receive from my customers) is legitimate.

That is, I get the agreement from the customers. When I deal with personal data, I need a legitimate reason. For “normal” data, there are grounds for legitimization in Article 6 of the RGPD.

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