Thailand Australia Free Trade Agreement-Certificate Of Origin

by admin on April 13, 2021

Only products originating in Australia or Thailand benefit from preferential tariffs. If the products meet the applicable “rules of origin,” companies should receive a certificate of origin to ensure that the products benefit from the preferential tariffs of the TAFTA. Meat imports must be accompanied by a veterinary certificate signed by the official authority of the country of origin, which confirms: for more information on how to help your business, call us on 1300 622 883 or email Our team is there to help them. Under the Thailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA), products considered to originate in Thailand in accordance with TAFTA rules of origin may enter Australia at preferential rates. The same rules of origin apply to Australian products arriving in Thailand. To access preferential rates for your products, the next step is to confirm if they are considered Australian products. Please download the following documents: For more information on TAFTA`s rules of origin, please visit the DFAT website. To register, please contact: e-mail: Tel: 1300 622 883 Rules of Origin are required to provide objective criteria for determining whether or not the goods are eligible for preferential duties and avoiding contract transfers that are used by markets other than Australia or Thailand that wish to apply for TAFTA preference. Not all goods are eligible or should not require preferential tariff treatment. The original TAFTA test defines the country of origin when products are manufactured in whole or in part in Australia and Thailand. Important information about TAFTA can be found on the Austrade website or in the following documents: To negotiate with Thailand under the TAFTA, your company must meet the corresponding export requirements. Although most products are freely transported within Thailand, provided import duties are paid, some products are subject to import restrictions and Australian exporters are required to check them with the Thai Ministry of Trade before being exported.

Certain types of seeds, plants and animals are accompanied by plant health certificates issued by the competent authority in the country of origin. Upon request, a certificate of origin must be issued by a competent authority. A certificate of origin is required for Australian products that apply preferential tariffs under the TAFTA. On the Australian government`s free trade agreement website, you will find detailed information and when you can obtain a certificate of origin for your products in order to access special tariffs. Australia and Thailand are World Trade Organization (WTO) countries and therefore can access the lowest tariffs under the Status of the Most Favoured Nation (MFN), in addition to the preferential tariffs under the Free Trade Agreement between Thailand and Australia. Thailand has a two-column right on the basis of the harmonized system. Tariffs on goods are applied to many imported products and a customs base in value or specific, depending on their value. Invoices from suppliers or manufacturers generally determine costs and quantities. However, customs authorities have the right to reassess the value of goods when they are found to be valued significantly below market value.

Quotes are generally based on the CIF (Incoterms 1990). Thai baht and U.S. dollars are preferred, but other currencies can also be accepted. The first transactions should only be confirmed by the irrevocable S accreditor. The validity period is usually nine months. For more information on TAFTA, please see the following links. There are strict labelling requirements for dairy products, baby food, canned goods, vinegar, beverages, oil and dietary fats and gourmet powder (

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