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by admin on April 12, 2021

(111) In agreement with the relevant UEFA bodies, federations and football clubs mentioned above, UEFA has adopted a new joint sale agreement on the media rights of the UEFA Champions League, the contents of which are summarized in sections 1.4 to 1.6. (145) The joint sale also allows the creation of UEFA Champions League rights packages. This allows media operators to inform consumers in the league as a whole and over an entire season. The creation of a single point of sale facilitates the existence of the uefa Champions League product, given the hybrid nature of the UEFA Champions League, which is a combination of a league and a knockout competition where only a limited number of football clubs reach the final phase of the competition. As a result, only one club has been unable to enter into a commercial agreement that would guarantee a broadcaster to plan its programme for the entire UEFA Champions League season until the final. The joint sale of TV rights solves this problem, because the channel does not acquire the rights of certain football clubs, but the right to broadcast matches that are played on certain days. (124) Suffice it to say that there are several owners of the media rights to the UEFA Champions League. An agreement between the three owners (the two football clubs and UEFA) which are essential for the production of a production unit (the transfer licence of a game) would not be subject to Article 81, paragraph 1 of the Treaty and Article 53, paragraph 1, of the EEA agreement. However, since UEFA`s joint sale agreement goes beyond that, Article 81, paragraph 1 of the Treaty and Article 53, paragraph 1, of the EEA agreement apply to the agreement. (28) UEFA will occasionally publish criteria for the standards that UEFA television bodies must meet for UEFA Champions League television. A “qualified channel” is a television broadcasting organisation that has a television broadcasting licence in the territory in question and has the infrastructure, resources and position to broadcast Uefa Champions League programmes. Rights contracts are published at appropriate times on the UEFA website ( and all qualified broadcasters in the contract area have the right to apply for tender. All rights packages are normally put on the market simultaneously.

Entscheidung der Kommission vom 23. Juli 2003 ein Verfahren nach Artikel 81 EG-Vertrag und Artikel 53 des EWR-Abkommens (COMP/C.2-37.398 – Gemeins maamer Verkauf der kommerziellen Rechte der UEFA Champions League) (angemeldet unter der Nummer C (2003) 2627)) (Nur der englische Text ist verbindlich) (Nur der englische Text ist verbindlich) (Nur der englische Text ist verbindlich) Text mit EWR-Relevanz)(2003/778/EG)CONTENTS>TABLE> KOMMISSION DER EUROP-ISCHEN GEMEINSCHAFTEN,unter Hinweis auf den Vertrag zur Grundung der European Gemeinschaft,unter Hinweis auf das Abkommen er den Europeischen Wirtschaftsraum,unter Hinweis auf die Verordnung Nr. 17 des Rates vom 6. Februar 1962, Erste Verordnung zur Durchf-hrung der Artikel 85 und 86 des Vertrags(1) in der zuletzt durch die Verordnung (EG) Nr. 1/2003 Absatz 2 ge-nderten Fassung, insbesondere die Artikel 6 und 8 ,unter Berecksichtigung von der UEFA am 1. Februar 1999 gem Artikel 2 der Verordnung Nr. 17 gestellten Negativattestantrags und der Anmeldung im Hinblick auf die Erlangung einer von der UEFA am 1. Februar 1999 AM 1. Februar 1999 eingereichten Und am 13 May 2002, under Article 4 of Regulation 17, in view of the Commission`s decision of 18 July 2,001 to open proceedings in this case, after the companies concerned had the opportunity to benefit from it (3) with regard to the aid provided by Article 19, 1, Regulation 17 and Regulation (EC) 2842/98. 22 of 22 December 1998 regarding consultation with the parties in certain procedures under Articles 85 and 86 of the Treaty (4). “After consultation with the Advisory Committee on Agreements and Dominance, given the final report of the Auditor-Advisor in this case (5), considering 1.

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