Sample Evergreen Retainer Agreement

by admin on October 5, 2021

Maybe that`s just my perspective. In Massachusetts, the rules were recently changed to require, in most cases, written fee agreements. Even if there is a contractual agreement, many lawyers rely on nude models or the simplest documents to remember what the relationship between the lawyer and the client means. Read for everything you need to know about using Evergreen Retainer: your pricing agreement or retainer should state how evergreen Retainer works with an Evergreen Retainer clause that should say: minimum balance. Since it is difficult to predict in advance how many hours it will take to complete your [deal], you must at all times keep a minimum balance of $[amount] in the trust account. If the trustee account balance becomes equal to or less than $[amount] within 15 days, you must transfer enough funds to restore the retainer level to $[amount]. . . .

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