Njc Agreement 2020

by admin on December 13, 2020

The pay needles of NJC employees inside and outside London are the consolidated London Weighting. 2020/21 The salaries of London employees are available here the unions to employers – final offer of salary 16.04.2020 A wage demand has not yet been received for 2020 – 2021. We heard on Friday, August 21st that Unison members voted 66% in favour of accepting the CNJ`s main compensation offer – for more information, see www.unison.org.uk/news/press-release/2020/08/unison-local-government-staff-accept-new-pay-deal/). (GMB had already voted 66% and Unite voted 70% in favour of rejection). This issue is now settled. A request for payment JNC 2020/21 has been filed by GMB and UNISON concerning chief officers of local authorities. National employers meet on Tuesday, January 21. They should defer the response to this assertion (as they have already decided, with regard to the demands of senior managers and craftsmen) until the main negotiations of the NJC are completed. National employers met today. It was agreed that the leaders would meet with national union representatives on 5 February 2020 for a meeting of the NJC executive. This meeting will be followed by another update. National employers will meet on 5 November to obtain and discuss the information contained in the regional salary letters. This meeting is unlikely to provide an offer, as this will be the first opportunity for national employers to verify and review council reactions.

In addition, national employers may decide to wait for the outcome of Brexit and a possible general election. Brexit is causing uncertainty in the economic landscape, while a general election will have an impact on how national employers would secure the future of new wage items by 2019. The current government has committed to a national minimum wage of $10.50 until 2024, applicable to all over-21s. However, if we see a change of government, the Labour Party has committed to a minimum wage of $10 for all workers over the age of 16 from April 1, 2020. As soon as an offer is made, negotiations should be lengthy, as there is likely to be a significant gap between the positions of national employers and trade unions. Work Arrangements: Christmas – New Year 2020 / 21 Christmas Day and Boxing Day 2020 fall on a Friday and a Saturday.

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