Framework Agreement In Portuguese

by admin on December 8, 2020

1.5 With regard to supranational regulations such as the GPA, EU rules and other international agreements, does the regime join forces? In the field of defence, a specific legal framework is provided by Decree No. 104/2011 of 6 October, which applies to the purchase of military and sensitive equipment contracts, public works contracts, public works contracts, public service contracts for the pursuit of military objectives. In any event, the choice of a procedure for the implementation of a framework agreement in accordance with Articles 19 to 21 PCC (see question 2.3 above) only allows the execution of contracts in accordance with the framework agreement, provided that the sum of contractual prices for all contracts is below the thresholds set in it. (vii) Partnership for Innovation: a process of developing and acquiring innovative works, products and services. This process incorporates three steps that can be adapted to the complexity and financial relevance of the partnership to be celebrated. Therefore, it has the following step: (i) filing applications; (ii) submission of proposals for research and development projects; and (iii) analysis of research project proposals phase and approval of the partnership. In broad terms and in addition, the conclusion of a framework agreement is subject to general procurement rules. Contracting entities may form a group of contractors to enter into a contract whose performance is of interest or a framework agreement that everyone can benefit from. It is also possible that contractors can jointly manage dynamic purchasing systems and make joint purchases using electronic catalogues. (c) if there is strong evidence of a transfer to an act or agreement that may be subject to falsified competition rules. Under the Constitution, EU law and international agreements prevail over national law.

Corrective measures are generally easy to implement when the pre-contract procedure chosen is not the legal procedure taking into account the estimated value of the contract and when there is a flagrant violation of the rules of procedure. Some of this information will also be published on the portal. For the supply and rental of goods as well as for service contracts, the market value must be less than 20,000 euros. The best value for money includes a binding evaluation model that takes only competitive factors into account. With the exception of specific cases relating to the organization, qualifications and experience of staff, factors and sub-factors should not take into account aspects, qualities, characteristics or other factual elements relating to the bidders themselves.

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