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by admin on December 6, 2020

As with any agreement, it is essential to understand who the parties to the agreement are. While many films are funded from a variety of sources, and with funding from several companies, it is unlikely that the party that employs the director to perform services would be a different business than the one that actually is and physically produces the image. Equity investors or lenders generally do not hire the director. In return, the production company must also hold the rights to the script, including line producers, other producers, actors, the unit`s production manager and other personnel who will provide all services to the production company in order to create the copyright of the single image. A theatrical film contains contributions from hundreds of individuals and companies, each of whom must sign an agreement granting rights to their contributions as a “rental factory” to the production company under the U.S. Copyright Act. A manager will also want to be sure that he or she will be paid to put the time aside and do the work. As with many creative collaborators, a director will seek a pay-or-play commitment from the production. Pay-or-Play means, under these conditions, that the production company agrees, on any given day, to pay the director, even if the image does not advance, or agrees to use the director and pay the director`s services in accordance with the director`s agreement. Download (Director-Agreement.docx) and use this checklist if you are negotiating a management agreement to help you reach agreement on important issues.

Flip this Word document with the details to make it easier to write your agreements. We regularly receive feedback on the fact that we have developed our filmmaker contracts as comprehensive as possible for all legal situations. However, if you are experiencing a unique personal situation that requires the development of a special clause, please contact us at your convenience. Otherwise, you may be required to find a local entertainment lawyer experienced in the film industry who is developing all the other clauses for the unique or specific situation of your project. Until the director reaches pay-or-play status, the director will often try to accept a different commitment to direct another image when that offer has been made on a pay-or-play basis. The production company will try to secure the right to anticipate this offer by agreeing to pay the director, which often means that the production company must put the entire director`s salary in trust at the same time as the pay-or-play commitment. The director is required to inform the production company of the other offer and indicate that the director will accept it. The production company must then act or lose the director. The director may have the right to choose key personnel such as the Director of Photography, the Director of Production, the editor and perhaps some cast and crew.

Typically, a director is recruited exclusively, which prevents him from accepting an external job and/or working on more than one project at the same time. The director may be required to produce three versions of the film: one for the release of the cinema, another for television shows and a longer version, called Director`s Cut. Under the DGA agreement, the director has the right to present his cup to the production company.

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