Coag Ndis Bilateral Agreement

by admin on April 8, 2021

An agreement on the modalities of localization-based digital memory intermediation with the National State Alert and Alert System (September 2009) [PDF 4.7MB] [ DOC 17MB] Commonwealth Park Occupation Licensing Agreement for The Assignment of Flori Flori Floriade Nightfest [ PDF 1.5MB] [ DOC 1010.5KB] Sales contract for the provision of community policing services in support of the agreement to provide police services to the ACT (June 2012) the national disability insurance system and rules applicable to both governments, to pay for current pre-financial funding for the program. Memorandum of Understanding between Commonwealth, States and Territories for the continuation and funding of the Australian Online Gambling Counselling and Support Program 2012-15 [PDF 637.KB] Memorandum of Understanding between the Australia Capital Territory`s Environment and Sustainable Development (ESDD) and the Victorian Essential Services Commission (ESC) for information sharing on energy efficency schemes (October 2012) [ PDF 2.2MB] [ DOC 4.5MB] . Family Support Program – Family and Children Services Memorandum of Understanding (May 2013) [PDF KB] [DOC KB] Australian Building Codes Board Intergovernmental Agreement (April 2012) Memorandum of Understanding for the establishment of the National Gambling Research Program [PDF 1 MB] Agreement for the establishment of the national Gambling Research Program making housing available to indigenous peoples – 2005[PDF 107 KB] Memorandum of Understanding on the Memorandum of Understanding for the National Gambling Research Program (2009) [PDF 464 KB] National Online Gambling Counselling and Support Program Memorandum of Understanding [PDF 1MB] ACT Natural Disaster Resilience Program Implementation Plan 2012-13 in accordance with the National Partnership Agreement on The Natural Resilience of Tellers (August 2012) [ PDF 2.1MB] . Contract for the provision of police services for ACT 2013-14 (June 2013) [ PDF 675KB] [ DOC 7.3MB] Bilateral Agreement on Accommodation Assistance Program (SAAP) [ PDF 343 KB] Heads of Agreement between Commonwealth of Australia and dem Australian Capital Territory on National Education Reform [ PDF 1MB] Variation of Intergovernment Agrement in relation to the Management of the Contract for the National Emergency Warning System (January 2013) [ PDF 1.3MB] [ DOC 7.5MB] . National Disability Strategy 2010-2020 (February 2011) Australia`s Native Vegetation Framework (December 2012) National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children Implementation Plan (April 201 2) The Home and Community Care Program Review Agreement – 2007 [ PDF 125 KB] Intergovernmental Agreement on a Single National Regulatory Framework for Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals (June 2013) On 9 July 2019, Commonwealth and Queensland Government has concluded the bilateral agreement between the Commonwealth of Australia and Queensland on the National Disability Insurance Scheme. National Information and Communication Technology Contractual Framework (June 2012) License transfer for senior card use (March 2013) [PDF 599KB] [DOC 4.3MB] Program Protocol on The Provision of Youth Services in the Bimberi Juvenile Justice Centre and on a legal basis, Fair provisions in the Community (October 2012) [ PDF 780KB] [ DOC 178.5KB] Variation of Indigenous Sport Development Officer Funding Agreement (July 2013) [ PDF 163.6KB] [ DOC 844.8K] [DOC 844.8K] Indigenous Sport Development Officer Funding Agreeemnt [ PDF 650.4KB] [ DOC 650.4KB] [ DOC 650.4KB] [ DOC 1.1MB] Representation of the Australasian Juvenile Justice Administration (Intergovernmental Agreement on the Improvement of Water Reform of Murray Basin Darling (June 2013) Inter Agreement Government on the National Drought Program (June 2013)) funding agreement between the Commonwealth of Australia and the ACT Emergancy Services Agency for State Emergency Service Fit for Task (October 2013)2012) [ PDF 1.6MB] [ DOC 3.3MB] Agreement between New Zealand and the Territory of the Australian Capital in regarding the promotion of reciprocal commercial discounts for New Zealand SuperGold cardholders and the Australian Capital Territory Card Holders (October 2011) [85KB] [ DOC 146KB] The full text of the intergovernmental agreements concluded under the Standing Council on Federal Financial Relations and the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) agreements are available on their respective websites.

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