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by admin on December 4, 2020

You will also find more information about the publishing process on the CEUR-WS.org website: ceur-ws.org/HOWTOSUBMIT.html#PUBLISH commercial and non-commercial publishers interested in reprinting complete volumes of procedures or individual articles is recommended to negotiate with the publishers of each volume and/or the authors of their respective works. CEUR-WS.org does not have copyright on individual volumes or documents. That is why we are not parties to such negotiations. The only restriction on our part is that the reissue is very different from the version published at CEUR-WS.org (see above). As the CEUR-WS version of the document is usually the original version, the reissued copy contains a reference to the original publication as We are quite strict about the preconditions and want to avoid unnecessary refusals. Since we check the restrictions after submission, you need to be careful with the promises made to your authors that the procedure will be published with CEUR-WS.org. However, if you follow the guidelines of this document, you can be sure that your application will be accepted. You can enter a sentence such as “procedures will be submitted CEUR-WS.org of online publication” in the call-papers of your workshop or conference and on your website. Please do not use the CEUR-WS logo on your website. Papers in a language other than English 2020-03-28: Due to the fact that many are currently working in their reception offices, we are temporarily accepting an alternative to signing the form by hand on paper. You can also fill out the form on the computer and place a signed statement by hand under the form, then take a photo of it, see sample replacement agreement. If authors have included copyrighted third-party materials in their accompanying documents or materials, the following form should be used: AUTHOR-AGREEMENT (TP). Authors must then also add a copy of the third party`s permission to use this material in the signed author`s contract! If the authors have not included copyrighted third-party material in their paper text (or accompanying sources, data sets), the following form is used: AUTHOR-AGREEMENT (NTP).

The authors of certain documents retain the copyright on their papers. The authors pass on the publishing rights to the respective publishers of the volume CEUR-WS.org. This is a non-exclusive right to publish the author`s document. In this way, authors can obviously no longer publish their work with another publishing house that is demanding the transfer of the exclusive copyright! This would violate the previous transfer of non-exclusive copyrights to the drafters. Similarly, the author has the right to publish a form or a post-print or the published version of his CEUR-WS.org paper on his home page, an institutional repository or elsewhere. Authors are advised to be careful when publishing versions of their paper that differ from the originally published version, as this could affect the authenticity of the paper. AUTHOR-AGREEMENT (NTP) authorship variants: Authors will use this form if they have not included copyrighted documents in their paper text (or accompanying sources, data sets). In most cases, this is the right variant. AUTHOR-AGREEMENT (TP): Authors use this form if they have included copyrighted third-party material in their accompanying document or material.

You must then add a copy of the third party`s permission to use this material in the signed author`s contract! You, the publisher, must collect the author`s contracts properly signed as well as the publisher agreement and send them to us through the download procedure. Perhaps you want to ask the authors to use a uniform style for the papers. You`ll find Ceurart styles at CEURART.zip. We prohibit the reflection of the site CEUR-WS.org or its parts by third parties. The mirror is different from the new publication because a 1:1 copy is published on another website. An unauthorized mirror would likely infringe the copyright of the CEUR WS.org team on its own content and would negatively affect the authenticity CEUR-WS.org.

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