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by admin on September 12, 2021

The factors that influence the expenditure of funds must be distinguished according to the categories of workers to which they relate. In practice, there have been cases where only one indicator has been imposed in the situation. The annual bonus is paid to employees who are transferred to another position in a company during a calendar year, in accordance with the following rule: the bonus for the quarter in which the transition to another position was made in the company is determined on the basis of the indicators defined for the position. if the worker has worked for more than two calendar months of the quarter. 12. The payment of bonuses shall be made in the month following the reference month, together with the payment of salaries for that (report)month. from the date of the conclusion of the amendment to the employment contract on the possibility of paying bonuses to the employee or from the date fixed by such an amendment, unless the employment contract with the employee directly provides for the possibility of paying bonuses under the Bonus Regulation. Our company rewards employees for their outstanding individual performance as well as their contributions that help us achieve the company`s goals. For this reason, we award bonuses in three forms: the amount of the prize is set by the director of the work collective for each employee according to his personal achievements and his contribution to the overall results of the team. The degree of participation of each employee in the overall results of the team`s work is determined based on an individual coefficient of work participation. The value of this coefficient for each employee can be determined by the work collective itself or its director.

The bonus amount of a single employee is not limited to maximum sizes. An important difference between discretionary and non-discretionary bonuses in the United States is that non-discrediting bonuses must be included in the calculation of overtime pay. Our company will comply with its legal obligations. 2. Bonuses for employees of the organization are carried out in the form of: Payment regulation and pay slip is an urgent matter. When the company employs salaried workers, managers must take care of the evolution of the regulatory framework that governs the process. The Workers` Bonus Regulation, an example of which can be downloaded later in this article, is a local act of the organization that allows the employer to exercise the right to encourage the worker and set up different additional payment systems. Below is an exemplary form of bonus provision for an average business organization. This standard form is sectoral in nature and can be used as a basis if an organisation develops its own premium provision. In this case, the specificities of the sector should be taken into account (note 1).

Indicators based on cash incentives are qualitative and quantitative. For staff in management positions, indicators refer to the level of profits received by the organization for a given period. 13. Once the annual accounts are successful (beneficiaries), the annual bonuses can be applied to employees and managers of work collectives. The amount of the annual premiums may not exceed their average monthly salary during the reference year. 8. The amount of bonuses for the leaders of the work collectives shall be fixed by the head of the organisation. The decision on bonuses is taken on the basis of production indicators calculated on a year-by-year basis from the beginning of the year. To identify the dynamics, these indicators are compared with similar indicators for the corresponding period of the previous year.

1.4. The Regulation on Bonuses and Material Incentives for Workers has been developed and implemented with the aim of protecting the interests of the worker; improve the quality of the tasks assigned to the structural unit of the enterprise in which the employee works; ensure that staff perform tasks in a timely and scrupulous manner; increase the responsibility for the work assigned to the worker; improve the quality of the services provided by the company; Improvement of the ARIF of its economic indicators. . . . .

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