Blanket Sales Agreement In Oracle Order Management

by admin on April 8, 2021

Objective This note aims to show how to simulate the creation of the Blanket Sales Agreement action using the newly available public API in R12.1.1. . Scope and ApplicationThe target group is for people with technical knowledge of Oracle Applications code, the use of public APIs, and people who are familiar with creating customized solutions for unique business needs. Creating Blanket Sales Agreement using OE_BLANKET_PUB of public APIs. Process_Blanket in Oracle Order ManagementAssumption: The following parameters related to the sales agreement are not within the framework of this document and we assume that these configuration steps are already in place. 1. Setting up the type of booking 2. Set up document sequence 3. Implementation of The “Sales Framework Agreement” function has been created since version 11.5.9 and its creation in order management was supported by the “Sales Framework Agreement” form. Starting in version 12.1.1, support for the creation of BSA was provided by Backend using the new public API OE_BLANKET_PUB available. Process_Blanket ().

Sales Agreement`s feature supports standard items, ATO and kits and also includes the ability to create versions after orders are imported and process control API. The head of the sales contract created usually contains the following information – Debitor, Sending to , Bill to , version e.t.c – Validity dates – Terms of payment and freight between Debitor and supplier – Sale agreementSmin and Max Quantity – Taxation to determine if you can exceed the maximum value – Price information such as standard price lists or price lists for sales contracts. Sales Agreement Lines Include the following information – Categories of items to store categories and ALL ARTICLES to cover all items. – Min and Max amount agreed by customer and supplier – price including the choice of price list in addition to line level modifiers: % discount and discount amount. – Validity DateProcedure Setting Description: `OE_BLANKET_PUB.process`Blanket () accepts the following parameters If you wish to assign this type of transaction as standard for all your framework agreements, update the “OM: Default Blanket Agreement” profile Sale agreements are used if you have certain features related to a sales contract between a customer and a supplier. Once a executive purchase contract for a debtor has been concluded, several shares (sales orders) for the framework sales contract are processed for a period of time within the order management. The contract is fulfilled and billed in accordance with the terms of the purchase framework contract. Tracking information is also accumulated for sales framework agreements, for example. B quantity filled, and the price value satisfies the positions released.

This information is used to indicate the status of orders executed for a framework purchase contract. ViewsSridevi Koduru (Senior Oracle Apps Trainer profile – Contact for One Online Training on Oracle Apps Technical, Financials, SCM, SQL, PL/SQL, D2K at | +91 – 9581017828. Very nice blog about the sales tracking app. Thanks for publishing the blog. We also refer to mTrac allowing powerful commercial tracking to keep you in real time with your on-site sales team. Improve the distribution, responsibility and productivity of your atusal team by following them. For more information, please visit :- visit Download the app: more: logon to control the responsibility management of super-users This is very useful; However, when I create the version, a type of order is required before booking it.

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