Abdication Agreement

by admin on September 8, 2021

As a result of these rumors and arguments, the British establishment believed that Simpson could not become a royal wife. British Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin expressly indicated to Edward that the majority of people would oppose his marriage to Simpson and suggested that the government would resign en masse if it did, in direct contradiction to the advice of its ministers. The king later said, “I intend to marry Mrs. Simpson as soon as she is free to marry. If the government was against marriage, as the Prime Minister had given me reason to believe he would, then I was ready to go. [52] Under pressure from the king and “frightened” by the proposed abdication, Balduin agreed to make further explorations in three options: the second option had European precedents, including Edward`s own great-grandfather, Alexander Duke of Württemberg, but it had no parallel in British constitutional history. The prime ministers of the five Dominions (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and the Irish Free State) were consulted and the majority agreed that there should be “no alternative to the course (3)”. [53] William Lyon Mackenzie King (Prime Minister of Canada), Joseph Lyons (Prime Minister of Australia) and J.B.M. Hertzog (Prime Minister of South Africa) rejected options 1 and 2. Mackenzie King asked Edward to “do what he deemed right in his own heart”[54] and the Canadian government called on the king to put his duty before his feelings for Simpson. [2] The Governor General of Canada, Lord Tweedsmuir, told Buckingham Palace and Baldwin that Canadians had a deep affection for the king, but also that Canadian public opinion would be outraged if Edward married a divorcee. [55] Michael Joseph Savage (Prime Minister of New Zealand) rejected Option 1 and thought option 2 might be possible.

if a solution in this direction was practicable”, but “would be guided by the decision of the government of origin”. [56] In communications with the British government, Éamon de Valera (Chairman of the Executive Council of the Irish Free State) stated that the Irish Free State, as a Roman Catholic country, did not recognize divorce. He assumed that if the British people did not accept Wallis Simpson, abdication would be the only possible solution. [57] On November 24, Baldwin consulted with the three British opposition leaders: Opposition Leader Clement Attlee, Liberal Leader Sir Archibald Sinclair and Winston Churchill. Sinclair and Attlee agreed that Options 1 and 2 were unacceptable and Churchill promised to support the government. [58] Despite the apparently united front against him, Edward was not discouraged. He proposed a morganic marriage in which Valais should not enjoy rank or property rights, but on December 2, Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin rejected the proposal as impractical. The next day, the scandal erupted on the front page of British newspapers and was the subject of an open debate in Parliament. As no solution was possible, the king renounced the throne on 10 December. The next day, Parliament approved the instrument of abdication and Edward VIII`s reign ended.

The new king, George VI, made his elder brother the Duke of Windsor. On June 3, 1937, the Duke of Windsor and Wallis Warfield married at the Château de Cande in the French Loire Valley. . . .

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